In collaboration with the office of Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, AK-35

The Trans-Alaska Trail (TAT) is an ocean-to-ocean multi-use trail spanning 800 miles across Alaska, from Arctic Ocean to Pacific tidewater, from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. The elegance of the Trans-Alaska Trail, is that, in a sense, it already exists: the pipeline is an orienting device; the maintenance corridor a path. To view it as such, however, requires a perspectival shift.

A gravel path traverses Alaska from the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific. This service pad, a basic 4x4 track, follows the route of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and is used to maintain the pipeline infrastructure. The TAT will make use of the pipeline’s existing infrastructure to provide access to remote and previously inaccessible land in Alaska’s interior and Arctic territories. 



The TAT Pilot Segment is comprised of a proposed 66-mile pilot trail that runs from Valdez to the Little Tonsina River south of Glennallen. An accompanying trail guide describes the geospatial character, land ownership regimes, infrastructural demands and wilderness aesthetics of this 66-mile segment, the first step to realizing the full vision of the Trans-Alaska Trail.