Finalist, Jardins de Métis International Festival, 2017

ROLL PLAY is a sculpture garden that invites you to push, pull, stamp, and play. Three large, lightweight rolling sculptures docked in shallow pools leave unique watermarked patterns—dots, zigzags, and concentric circles—on the compacted clay surface of the play-space. Each set of marks corresponds to a classic sidewalk chalk game: Hopscotch, Dots and Boxes, and Bullseye. Visitors roll the sculptures across the court and print lines, Xs, and Os with body size stamps, yielding countless games and design-making possibilities. With the evaporation of each watermark, the space is renewed for subsequent gameplay and compositions by future visitors. The multifunctional properties of each ROLL PLAY element offer visitors the chance to be curator or competitor. Each roll of a sculpture is an act of design, a means of programming, and a form of play.