Technofossils, Present Practice's entry to the LA+ Ideas Competition: Islands is selected for the Salon des Refusés and featured in the print edition of LA+ Imagination

Katie's article, "Field Exercises," is featured in JoLA | Issue 1-2018

Katie and Parker attend final reviews at Syracuse University School of Architecture

Katie attends final reviews at Auburn University 

Present Practice's Roll Play is named a Finalist in the 19e édition du Festival International de Jardins (Jardins de Métis)

Katie and Parker deliver their lecture, "The Trans-Alaska Trail: A Post-Oil Future in America's Arctic" at the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA on October 21.

Parker joins the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University as Lecturer

Katie and Parker are Visiting Instructors and Artists in Residence at the University of Oregon School of Landscape Architecture Overlook Field School in Waverly, PA

Katie and Parker complete 800 mile drive from Valdez to Prudhoe Bay for research on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline with the support of OSU's SERC (Subsurface Energy Research Center)

Katie and Parker give a presentation of their work at the University of Oregon

Katie and Parker are selected to speak at the 2017 ASLA National Meeting in Los Angeles, October 19-23

The Trans-Alaska Trail Initiative is awarded a SEED Grant from the Subsurface Energy Research Council at OSU

Katie's "Nameless Field" is published in the Journal of Landscape Architecture (JoLA), Volume 11, Issue 3

"Terra Interregnum" is published in Pidgin 21: Flushed, a student publication of the Princeton School of Architecture

Katie Jenkins joins the Knowlton School at The Ohio State University as Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

"Oil Lines: The Spatial Agency of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System" is published in The Site Magazine, Issue 35: Borders

Trans-Alaska Trail Initiative is featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine's May, 2016 issue ("Pipe Dream," by Brian Barth)

Katie and Parker present "Terra Interra" at the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Conference in Salt Lake City, UT

Terra Interra installation is featured in the Cornell Chronicle ("Installation Provides New Vision for Landfill Architecture")

Parker joins DLANDstudio + Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Brooklyn, NY, as Designer

Present Practice completes their installation, Terra Interra, on the Agriculture Quad of the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY

"Seeing Through Subtraction: Four Figures in the Great Salt Lake Desert" is published in Arid Journal, Volume 4, Issue 1

Katie's photographs accompany an essay by John Bass in Places Journal (Watermark)

Katie and Parker are artists in residence at the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) in Wendover, UT in June and July

Katie and Parker join Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (AK-35) in the formation of the Trans-Alaska Trail Initiative

Katie joins the Cornell University Department of Landscape Architecture as Lecturer

Katie and Parker present "The Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Mega-Infrastructure on Unstable Ground," at the ASLA National Meeting and EXPO in Denver, CO

Katie and Parker conduct fieldwork on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)

"Off the Wall" is selected for publication in Bracket: Take Action (Volume 4)

"Salt Sand Sieve" is published in Lunch 9: In Excess, a publication of the University of Virginia SOA

Terra Interregnum is featured on Uncube Magazine Blog: Lens ("Paydirt: The Spoils of Construction in San Francisco")

"Maps and Myths: Navigating an Ice-Free Arctic" featured in the Arctic Design Initiative Exhibition in the Elmaleh Gallery at the University of Virginia SOA

"Maps and Myths: Navigating an Ice-Free Arctic" is featured in Catalyst: Conditions

Present Practice's entry "Salt Sand Sieve" is a winner in the Center for Architecture and Design San Francisco + SEED Fund 280 Freeway Competition, and featured on

Archdaily, Architizer, the San Francisco Gate Blog, SF Curbed, and the American Institute of Architects homepage 

Katie and Parker are instructors at the Summer Design Institute (SDI) at the University of Virginia SOA

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